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The original Beard growth oil is now available Pakistan. Now a days a lot of people are suffering from less beard or slow beard growth problems. There are a lot of beard oils and of different brands available in market. But we have the genuine product with natural vitamins that not only increase the growth but also make the beard manageable and soft.

Beard Growth Oil Work Function

This beard oil is simple mixture of natural oils like jojoba oil and gran oils that enhances beard growth and also moisturize the skin. When Beard and Mustache growth oil is applied on the hair area all the unwanted cells and other impediments are removed to accelerate fast hair growth. It reaches into the skin cells and to its roots and softens them. It makes the beard silky and shining. It left a pleasant effect after use.

Beard Oil Benefits

patchy beard solution
make the beard smooth, silky and manageable
balanced hair growth
moisturize skin and hairs
best for sensitive skin

How to apply Beard Oil

Take 1 to 2 drops on palm and apply it on beard and massage properly.
Beards that are 1-2 inches long use 2-4 drops.
Beards that are 3-6 inches long use 4-6 drops
Beards longer than 6 inches: 7+ drops (to ensure roots are completely Mourished and all roots are coated)
If you’re applying the oil in the morning, make sure to dry your beard (don’t mix oil and water), but just enough so that your beard is slightly damp allowing the hair strands to absorb more of the oil.
Take some drops of beard oil in your palm.
Rub the beard oil distributing it evenly in your palm and massage your beard from the roots to the end of your beard strands. Gently, massage the skin beneath your beard in a balanced way.
If you have longer beard take a beard comb and gently comb your beard to spread the oil, so that it can reach places that you might’ve missed. Repeat daily for best results.
Beard Oil Price in Pakistan : 1800/-PKR


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